Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's a Seligman Stop without Sno Cap Tacos!

On our last day of our road trip we decided to make our lunch stop a favorite one. Homemade tacos from Seligman, AZ's famous ~Sno Cap~ on old Route 66!

As we walked in, John our good friend, chef, owner and chief bottle washer, recognized us right away. He calls me "Carmela" after Mrs. Soprano. He and his sister Cecilia and husband Paul, have kept the business going strong.

While we were ordering, we met a gentleman driving his horses from Tehachapi, CA to Colorado. He was a "Ca-nad-ee-an" transplant with a slight french accent named Maurice. We told him to order the tacos (that's what I tell everyone!). I explained the reason they are so good is because the cheese is melted in the bottom of the freshest hard taco shell ever. They melt in your mouth...and you can't eat just one. Plus the salsa is "muy bueno".

Sam and I each had two and Maurice did the same. I think he was amazed that they really were great tacos and thanked me for sharing the information. In fact they were so fresh and tasted so good, I forgot to take a photo to show how John places them ever so gently in their own little taco holders!

Before we hopped back on the bike, John wanted to take us for a ride through Seligman in his souped up fire engine (I think he was trying to impress Sam with it's makes "wolf calls"). We pulled out of the drive way as the tourist's cameras began taking their vacation photos. We made a turn around trip down Route 66. We finished our root beer (oh you must try the root beer!) as we pulled back into the shaded parking space. We said our thank you's and see ya soon's to John.

If you make ever make the trip through Arizona on Hwy 40, make sure you stop here. Again I recommend the tacos, but I am told anything on the menu is great. The experience is worth the trip.

Oh and make sure you order a "small" ice cream cone before you leave.

A little Sno Cap history:
Juan and Mary Delgadillo established the Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona in 1953 along Route 66. The building was built by Juan, along with his father and his brothers, out of scrap lumber he collected while working for the railroad. Juan retired from the railroad and worked everyday at the Snow Cap until the day he died, June 2, 2004 at the age of 88. Juan became well known through many magazines and newspaper articles as one of the co-founders of Historic Route 66. He was cherished by tourists for the antics he pulled on them while they were trying to order food and drinks.

The Snow Cap is perhaps one of the most wackiest, off-beat burger joints around. Many people will stop and say that the place is the same as it was when they came here as a young person. Today, visitors from Europe, Germany, Japan and other countries, as well as those from the United States seek the nostalgia of Historic Route 66 and the jokes that are famous at the Snow Cap. Juan’s two sons, Robert and John, along with his daughter Cecilia and wife Mary continue the tradition of serving up a generous dose of humor along with some of the best red chiliburgers and tacos, not to mention great shakes and soft ice cream.
301 E Chino Ave, Seligman, AZ
On old Route 66 at the east end of town on the south side of the street.
Take either exit #121 or #123 from I-40.

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