Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Annual Montessori Vision's "Walk for Peace"

Last Saturday was the 7th Annual Montessori Vision's "WALK FOR PEACE".  A beautiful, sunny day for a walk around the Sunset Park's lake.  Great turn out for the kids and their parents (and Grandparents).

Bapo and Ariston.

Three wild and crazy Moms getting their baby boys to smile for a monthly "how big we are getting" photo.

Mama Nicole and baby Bentley.

Music had the children dancing.

Adelina is wearing the pink polka dot skirt.  She wouldn't take a photo today, not even for Mommy.  I think it was because she was so busy with the friends she has been missing. 

Jordan is now working for the school and she loves it!

                                     Ariston and Mommy Christine bundled up for the walk.

Bentley fell asleep with a dried mango in his mouth.  When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep.

Precious Ariston toe's.