Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's a Nee Nee to do?

Sam and I had our first full weekend with our Grandkiddle Adelina, while Mommy and Daddy took a little vacation.

We took her with us to an annual fire dept party at Valery and Mike's beautiful home.

Their backyard is set for all age groups. Pool, swings, sandbox, beer pong table, food table, private bbq chef and even a 22' blowup water slide!

We sat on the cool grass, under the trees and watched Adelina climb the mountain wall and play in the sandbox with new friends.

Sam took her to put her feet in the pool while I attempted to take her photo...note "attempted".

Our little, almost 2 years old, precious cutie wouldn't even look my way!

She is so smart!
Love, love, love her...even in her 2's.