Monday, May 27, 2013

"I scream, you scream...We all scream for 'I peen'!

Happy Memorial Day to you and your families.
My morning was wonderfully spent with my little Grandkiddle Adelina, her friend Illona and my daughter in law Christine at a local park. 
Mommy makes "pretend" ice cream for the girls. 
Adelina calls it "I peen".  Love when she says it!

Here they are helping Mommy mix a batch for me, "Nee Nee". 

Off to the "wee" (another word for swing)!

Illona borrowing Adelina's hat.

She's giving me 'dat face', grrrr.
Thank you to our men and women past and present serving to protect our freedom. 
This is your special day. 
Thanks to all of you I am able to enjoy many more mornings just like this one.
God bless America!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Matt and Brielle's Wedding May 4, 2013 The Start of Something Good! cont...


Sam and Great Grandma.  And great she is!

Mother of the Bride, Adrienne (she was our flower girl back in 1982).

Groom, Matt and Father of the Bride, Phil.

Our good, good friends Rob and Sandi (the Grandparents). 

Please note that I was "not" the photographer.  Hopefully the real photographer's photos will come my way.

Phil and Bride, Brielle.

Dang candy and cupcake table...okay, I ate 2 cupcakes!


Matt, Brielle's brother.

Dillon, Brielle's brother.

Ah, my favorite...the Japanese garden table.  Spring rolls were awesome!

Dillon the 'edemame' kid!

Happiness to the Brielle and Matt...The Start of Something Good!
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