Friday, October 3, 2014

What will I do without my BFF?...Bestest Funnest Friend

Was a sad day yesterday as my BFF, Cheryl is moving from Vegas to Ohio.  How can I enjoy a good bead or fabric show without her?

She's on a new adventure.  Closer to her four cute Grandkiddles, in a new home on acres of land (it even has a pond!).

Sam and I are going to be taking a road trip next spring from here to New York to Florida with a stop in Ohio so I can give her another hug (going to miss her hugs).

Cheryl treated me to "Wicked Spoon" at the Cosmopolitan for a post birthday celebration.  Thank you again.  Love that place.    

Cheryl is a person you can always count on.  So creative.  One heck of a beader and quilter.    And no matter how long in between visits and talks, she is one that can pick up where we left off like it was just yesterday.
Cheryl, I miss you already.  Hugs to my BFF.