Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Silly Goose

 Mommy Christine had a haircut appt, so Nee Nee picked up Adelina from school to meet her.

She is too precious not to share her.  She thinks most everything is "frunny".  xxoo

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 Moose (Musso) Invitational Golf Tournament and a Hole Lot More...

    June 24th marked the annual "Moose" Invitational Golf tournament held at Mile Square Golf Course in Fountain Valley, CA (where Sam and I grew up).  Alumni's from different years at FVHS joined in to raise money for their football program.

This year Sam and I teamed up with my classmates Rob and Barry.  We did very well this year shooting a 72 which is par for the course.

My brother Ron teamed up with son Cody and good friend Jay and his son Jared.  Boy can Jared hit the ball!

Warren photographed here (of course) with 2 women.  Diane and myself.

We started at  hole 17 and look who joined us.

My BFF Karen had too much on her plate this year but did join us for the banquet.  I was exhausted...hmm, could it have been all that Honey Jack and gingerale?  Nah. ;o).
On Friday we drove out to Riverside, CA to stay with our great friends, Rob and Sandi.  Sam and I (mostly Sam as Sandi and I returned home to the pool with a grandson) helped Adrienne and Phil's event planning company "Lasting Memories" on Saturday with the bbq for the dedication of a new memorial park in downtown Riverside.  Hot dogs and hamburgers for 1200 people!
Sunday was spent all day in the family pool.  Sandi and Rob's children and grandchildren.  The nicest bunch of kids we know!

Sam and his cigar.  This one is Cuban so he savors it.

Matthew Joseph and his beautiful green eyes.

Our hosts Rob and Sandi.
Phil always cooking!
Devan and chips.

Dillon the pallet furniture creator.  He's always thinking.

The girls, myself, Riley, Sandi and Brielle.
We had a wonderful trip to CA.  Beach bike riding.  Meeting our new great nephews.  Dinner with my brother Ron and wife Kelie.  Motorcross races.  Dinner with friends Vince and Shari.  And even a movie.
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