Friday, April 24, 2015


Last Saturday I was invited to the 2015 ART SALE & BRUNCH at my good friend Lynne's  beautiful home in Prescott, AZ.

By invitation, local and from around the state artists and crafters displayed there creations inside the house and out in the beautifully landscaped front and back yard.

Breakfast/lunch brunch was served to all who attended.  French toast, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, sausage rolls, hot coffee and Mimosas.
Later was served, smoked ham, salads and baked beans.

Russ, Lynne's husband mixing up Mimosas.

Melanie's glass garden ornaments lined the front path to the porch.

The earrings made with doll eyes sold immediately.  They opened and shut when moved.  So clever!

   My good friends from Phoenix made the drive up to surprise me. 

Beautiful crafted beaded jewelry was a hit!

I sold my grunge dolls and quilted handbags.

The kitchen girls were so busy.

Note they had a "guest" overseeing their cooking.

There's Lynne!

Woody and Bob were the bartenders with pretty potent Mimosa's.  I had to quit at 6, did I say 6?  Okay, more OJ than Champagne, lol.

Lynne and Russ had garden seating for the perfect place to enjoy the sun and your brunch.

My good friend Melanie.  She's a hoot!  xoxo

Beautiful crocheted shawls.  Missed out on my favorite one earlier.

Great turn out with wonderful people...the Prescott way!

 Going to start the Halloween projects soon.

Next sale will be Saturday, October 3rd.  I hope to see you all there!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 Adelina and the Logandale Clark County Fair

Bapo had a wonderful idea the other day, let's take Adelina to the County Fair!  So last Friday we decided to make the drive to Logandale.  Easy drive from Henderson.

First stop was a fishing event called "Catch n' Release".  I have never seen this at a fair, but what a great idea.  They had a huge tank filled with trout.  Kids under 12 were allowed to "fish" for 10 minutes in hopes of hooking a fish.  Adelina's line attracted so many fish, but we couldn't keep any hooked.  The little girl next to us did and Adelina was so excited for her.

Next was having her face painted with 3 flowers and a lot of glitter.

She told me I needed to get one too.  So I did.

Then Bapo pointed out one of Adelina's favorite animals...Horses!  In this case, tall ponies.

Her pony was named "Mocha".  

They had a "milk the cow" event, milking a cow replica (the cow that gave the milk laid peacefully behind the faux cow).  Adelina is so brave.  She walked right up after a crying 9 year old and showed him how it's done.

A pig "Momma" Adelina said.  "Oh how cute...her babies!"

She wanted to "feel" the Momma and I told her only touch what's pressed upon the rails, never put your hand inside a cage.  She said the hair was like a brush, not soft at all.

A few goats...

A beautiful Clydesdale horse.

A couple of prize winning roosters...

Precious bunnies...

A John Deere tractor...

And it was time for corn on the cob!

Then it was time to head home.