Sunday, June 15, 2014

Time Full-eyes!

Another year is about to pass in our little Granddaughter Adelina's (Hanny) life.  She will be 3 years old June 24th.

Being a Grandparent is an amazing, awareness journey.

Your Grandchildren can bring back the memories of the little things your children did when they were that age that you may not have had the patience nor the rest to do so.

You have the chance to really "look" at them.

This was Adelina almost a year ago starting her first day of Primary school.

And this is Adelina just a week ago on her last day.

She is growing up so fast.  She is so smart!  She has a kind and beautiful heart.  And what a wonderful "big siser"!

I love you Hanny,

Nee Nee

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Little Du-lump-plin'

Last evening we attended Adelina's Montessori Visions Primary Academic Celebration.  Another blog to follow...she was adorable.  In the meantime I wanted to put up some photos for my East and West coast family of little Aris.  Can't believe he is almost 7 weeks old!  He was a pretty sleepy guy while his sister sang up on stage.



Proud Papa and Bapo!


We are so blessed with our beautiful Grandbabies!!  Makes our world a better place!