Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holding down the foot!

Baby Adelina and Daddy Alec love strained pears...oh and plums and sweet potatoes too! Notice how she holds onto her foot while she eats.

She's such a helper!

Just sharing this blog for Mommy Christine. Adelina will be here today for lunch time! Can't wait to smooch her face!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012...It's Here!

(Our daughter Jordan Jovan...Jordan, "Precious" Jordan as her Uncle Gary named her.)

Sam and I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve with family in Prescott, AZ. We flew our daughter Jordan in from Colorado Springs for the weekend to celebrate a little bit of the holidays with us.

Christmas Day was spent with our most gracious new family members at our daughter in law's parents Chuck and Mary Jo's beautiful home. Thank you again!

(Nona Mary Jo and baby Adelina.)

A Happiest New Year at a party with "the neighbors" in Glendale, AZ while spending almost 2 weeks with my wonderful sister and brother in law, Dorothy and Gary.

New Year's Day was our last season Cardinal game. Great game! It's too bad they didn't play that well all year.

After the game we spent the evening with old friends (one friend I hadn't seen in 18 years) from my dispatching days with Bullhead City PD. What great memories we shared.

Yes, alot going on. Custom orders. New computer. Taxes (like to have them completed by mid February), Kelz Klozet and new listings. Rearranging my sewing room/office. Baby Adelina and her rolling, standing and non stop talking!

And at the end of this month my husband Sam and I celebrate our 30 year wedding anniversary. Family coming in to help us celebrate...can't wait!.