Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ocean'Sa Round Us

Sam's brothers and sisters decided back in May of 2015 that it was time to scatter their parents ashes.
They decided to scatter Mom and Dad together on the shore of a beach as Mom Sally once requested.  We celebrated a bit the night before at Lucci's Italian Deli for dinner.  Great pasta!

We all gathered in December to celebrate their lives.  We miss them so much.

Sam's oldest sister, Patti and oldest brother, Michael and Patti's husband Terry.

Our niece Tori, Sam's sister Mary Alice, his brother Angelo and brother in law Gary.

Our nephew Austin.  His Dad, Sam's youngest brother, Anthony had to work and wasn't able to make it.

Sam's sister Dorothy.

Dorothy, Michael and Dennis.

Tori and our niece Gina there to help.

My bestest husband Sam.

There were a couple of older, wiser surfers in the parking lot with us.  One kind surfer took our family photos.

My little nephew, Austin.  Can he get any taller??

Austin and Aunt Dorothy.  I love them both!

We all then went over to a local bar off Main Street to have Bloody Mary's.  Was a very quiet, calm, easy going day.  Kinda unusual for an Italian-Irish family...but was a nice change of pace.

The weather was perfect for a little Gary drive down PCH to our favorite spot in Newport Beach...The Crab Cooker.  We ordered our usual cokes and a shrimp cocktails.

Amazing the bottles they served to Dorothy and I were labeled 'MOM' and 'DAD' here's to you! 
You were both very loving parents to all your children and to me.  
This month I will have been a Centofante for 34 years...and counting.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


So very behind on a lot of things lately.  Had a great time in Fullerton, CA back in November at the Leslie Kristen Interiors Boutique.
Thank you Leslie for the invite and thank you Laura for telling her about my dolls.

My son, Alec and granddaughter Adelina helping me out painting signs for the show.

I was able to set up out front of Leslie's business right on Harbor to Laura's wonderful wooden holiday cut outs.

Thank you to my great friend, Sandi (Laura's sister) for helping me for the day...setting up, packing up and even driving (thank you to her husband Rob for the use of his truck)!

My hard working helper Sandi and her niece.

Behind the shop were the other vendors.  Great holiday ideas and items!

ZIM WALTER/KIMBERLY COLE A Father-Daughter Duo Creating Art With Whatever They Find.

Great turn out!

Louis in the House by Carol Hampton...yes, she cuts into Authentic Louis Vuitton handbags to make her wares!

My little stand.

One of my sister's cute holiday onsie outfits.

My good friend, Dennis.  Thank you for helping Sandi and I pack up.  And thank you for the wonderful sushi dinner!  Happy Grandpa to you!

And thank you to all my California friends, Karen and Charlene, Norma and her husband, Carolyn and Ed, Dennis, Sue and her granddaughter Naomi for coming out to see me!

Next year Leslie may be planning a 2 day event.

And again, thank you Leslie for your hospitality!