Thursday, October 28, 2010

Florida Fall-ies

I am nearing the end of a wonderful visit with my Aunt Mary and her family in Sunrise, Florida. Mom and my Aunt Cenny flew in to meet us. We have spent most of our visit solving the world's problems over sweets (I think we found every childhood candy to share) and coffee. Nothing like girl talk with junk food to snack on!

The weather has been beautiful. A few light showers to keep the lush Florida flora green. I now understand why people move or visit Florida in the fall and winter, everyday is a vacation day.

After many, many years, I had the chance to finally visit with my east coast cousins and upon meeting them, they have made me feel like we had never been apart. I just love our family.

(Aunt Cenny, me (oldest cousin), Aunt Mary, Tommy, Mom and Leah (youngest cousin)

My Mom for the first time ever put her toes in the Atlantic Ocean. The water was gorgeous.

We were able to share and celebrate three October birthdays, Paul's, Tommy's and Leah's. I think we celebrated everyday!

Today sadly, Mom flys home to Arizona. Tomorrow my Aunt Cenny flys home to Rochester, NY and I fly home to Las Vegas (Henderson), NV.
Our home is open to any visit they may like to take and I hope for it to be very soon.

(Aunt Cenny, Aunt Mary, me and my Mom)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

As the Saints went marching out!

What a great game to watch last weekend as the Cardinals came through to beat the Saints 30-20. 101010 really did add up to 30! Way to go Cardinals!!

It has really been a treat to buy in on a couple of season Cardinal tickets this year and cheer on one of our favorite teams. We are proud to sit in the "red sea" of fans.

Yes, that is my husband wearing da'Bears/Butkus jersey. He is a die hard Bears fan with room in his heart for the Cardinals. People joke with him and ask if he's at the correct game and he always answers "a true fan wears his jersey to any event".

We feel Arizona is our home state as we had lived there for many years while raising our family. I am a Dockett fan as you can see. He's a huge wall with legs.

I of course, am the DD and Sam is the tailgater. I meet up with him just before the game begins and he hangs (term for drinking beer) with our son Alec and friends in the parking lot starting at 10:00 am for a 1:15 pm game.

No wonder he looks like this by 7:00 pm.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Whoever said winning isn't everything, never had to fight cancer."

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is the month of "pink".

And today we gathered in celebration and in memory of those who have fought and won and who have fought and sadly lost there battle against breast cancer.

Joined by my very good friends, Cindy and her daughter, Mackenzie and my beautiful sister in law Dorothy, we partipated in the Susan G Komen's Race for the Cure 5K Walk in sunny downtown Phoenix, AZ.

Today I walked for my good friend, Angel who lost her difficult fight just this past August.

Pink ribbon shaped balloons let go to the wind.

A sea of "pink" surrounded us. Pink boas, hats, strollers, hair, shoes, shorts...and even underwear!

I was happy to see so many of us all with the same goal in mind. Taking the negativity of cancer to a positive level.

Prayers to you who have survived such a difficult fight and prayers to those of you who have won your place in heaven.

I agree..."Whoever said winning isn't everything, never had to fight cancer."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Parlez-vous français?

What a wonderful lunch Cheryl had planned last Tuesday for Dottie and I to celebrate our September birthdays.

As we arrived at the Paris Hotel and Casino, Dottie and I were still undecided on which restaurant to choose. Mon Ami Gabi? or up, up and away to the top and dine at ~The Eiffel Tower Restaurant~? hmmm.

Alright, enough Virgo analyzing! Cheryl swept us up into the elevator to the top of the tower. As the doors opened to the restaurant we were amazed at one of the most spectacular views in all of Las Vegas.

Our table overlooked the Bellagio's water display. Dottie ew'd and ah'd with each water cascade.

The tables were set with logo red chargers and crystal. Our server, or should I call him our chauffer, escorted us through our dining destination. He was one of the most confident and knowledgeable restaurant persons I have ever met. We only acquired his neim, Steven, by requesting it of him as the server's here won't tell you their names because the dining experience is "all about you". Of course! What were we thinking? LOL

We began with a lobster and crab, to die for, appetizer before we each delighted in a different luncheon entree. Cheryl with a gorgeous, colorful heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad and zee' Filet Mignon. Dottie with a perfectly perched Filet of Trout dish and myself with the Paillard of Chicken (chicken with the H E double toothpicks pounded out of it). Sorry here for all the food photos, but my camera has a fork and knife option and I wanted to see what it would do.

And now for desserts of all desserts and not to say less of the best "Sour Cream Sorbet", but they have the best Crème Brulee ever. Even Dottie's home recipe had to be placed back in it's recipe box. I could eat this everyday for breakfast!

And just when you think you can't put another sweet spoonful of dessert into your mouth, you are served a Happy Birthday chocolate mousse. With whipped cream of course!

I may not parlez francais, but I sure can consume francais!
Great company and wonderful friends.

Thank you so much Cheryl for my birthday treat! xxoo