Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Centofante Family's First Reunion 2010

August 7, 2010 was the first Centofante Family Reunion where East met Midwest at the home of Michael and Debera Centofante in Gilbertsville, KY. For those of you who don't know Kentucky, it is close to Paducah (for all you quilting fans that means really, really close to "Hancock's of Paducah").

These are Sam's brothers and sisters, in order by age.
Youngest to oldest, Anthony, Sam, Angelo, Mary Alice, Dorothy, Patricia and Michael.

These two bathing beauties are my husband Sam's cousins from Illinois, Barb and Kathie. Both sweet girls with beautiful grown up children.

These are Sam's cousins.
Chris, Dennis, Lauren, Kathie, Jack, Uncle Freddie, Alessandro, Mia, Aunt Josie behind Mia, Jim behind Aunt Josie, Barb, Dana and Don.

Have I mentioned that Uncle Freddie really likes name tags? Hope he's not describing mine again...lol.

This is Sam's cousin, Johnny's beautiful family. Johnny, Lisa, their two daughters Jillian and Jenna and friend, Jason.

This is my immediate family by marriage. Back row from left to right, Sam, Anthony, Dorothy, Frank, Kellie, Austin, Michael, Ryan, Patricia and Sandy. Front row from left to right, David, me, Dylan, Brenden, Debera, Gary, Gina, Charisma, Mary Alice, Vincent and Angelo.

"Pickles"...says Vinnie, my great nephew. What a cutie pie!

This is my great niece, Charisma. She looks just like her Mother, Gina and even samples the food the way she used to at our family dinners...or should I say like her Grandma? lol

And these three boys are Debera's grandchildren, Brenden, Dylan and Ryan. I have become funny friends with Dylan xxoo.

Even Ike, Bette, Bette's son Dan and "dawter"-in-law Becky joined us from Pennsylvania. Ike and Bette are two of my most favorite people.

This is my nephew Austin. I think I may have been taller than him just last year, okay maybe not.

It was Michael and Debera's wedding anniversary on the 6th. It was nice of them to spend their special weekend with all of us.

Thank you both for opening up your home to us. We all had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next reunion!

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