Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For those of you who don't know Jack...

I met Jack last summer on our ride to Las Cruces, NM along HWY 60. We had stopped for gas at one of those gas station mini marts. I went in for a bottle of water and as I walked past the chewing gum display he began flirting with me.

I immediately noticed his strong structure and as I reached out and touched him I felt the softness of his every fiber. I knew I had to make him mine. I walked him to the checkout counter and told the clerk I was in need of his attention. She smiled and told us we made a cute couple.

As we walked out of the store together, he wrapped himself around my neck. I knew from that point on he had my back, protecting me from the hot sun.

We were together for many little road trips. Sometimes he would wrap around my face protecting me against the forces of Mother Nature as she came towards me. We were one.

Well today on our ride from Conway, AR to Elk City, OK, Jack decided to leave me. As we were driving through a construction site along HWY 40 just before Muskogee, OK, I felt him releasing his hold on me. I tried to pull him closer to me but he continued to just let go.

I watched through the rearview mirror as he floated away in the wind towards a construction worker. I hope she is nice to you Jack.

I thought I understood him. I thought we were a team.
Hopefully we will meet again. I am going to miss your face.

But for now, I guess I just don't know Jack either.

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