Monday, October 28, 2013

Outside Our Dor...Happy 60th Birthday!!

For my sister in law, Dorothy (as close as a sister), her wonderful husband gave her a beautiful gift of a week on the beach in sunny Newport Beach, CA...close to the Balboa Pier.  We started the week off with an old favorite "The Crab Cooker" (I hadn't been there in over 30 years.)  Great shrimp cocktails and a bottled coke!

Dor arrived at the house to find a gorgeous flower arrangement from her son and daughter in law, Jim and Patty Jo in Iowa.

Saturday, October, 12th the morning of her birthday her sister in law Lisa made her Queen for a day with a tiara and swag!

Wonderful husband Gary and Dorothy.

Dorothy's parents in law, Ike and Bette...Hi Bette!  Miss you!

We had Dorothy pick out a cake at our old stomping grounds "Lucci's Italian Deli" in Huntington Beach (I used to ride my bike there to buy my Mom's hasn't changed in 44 years.)

It was an Italian Rum cake...or should I say "hum" cake.  Dorothy and I had a slice each night of the week and with each bite Dor would hum, "yum".

Sunday we had another get together with Dorothy's daughter Debbie and son in law Randy and her grand daughters, Michelle and Marlene and her great, grandchildren, Malia and Mason.  

Dorothy and her grand daughter Marlene.

Michelle and Mason.

Each morning with the October dew on the chairs we sat outside with our "Pumpkin Spice" coffee.  The scent of the beach air and the coffee made it so relaxing.

Ruby's at the end of Balboa Pier.

We played "Mexican Train" dominos most every night.

We had a wonderful dinner Thursday night before having to leave that next day at my sister in law Kelie and brother Ron's home in Huntington Beach. They are almost finished putting on the final touches of their new backyard and pool.

My brother Ron and Sam.

My niece Stephanie and my great nephew Maddix.
Thank you Stephanie!  If you hadn't walked into your Dad's shop that day we may have never heard about James and found this spot on the beach.

And thank you James!  Your home was the perfect setting for Dorothy's day (week).

If anyone is interested in renting a home on the beach and I mean "right on the beach", please contact James at BALBOABEACHFRONT.COM/800.561.8100

We stayed in the "Avalon" Unit.