Monday, February 15, 2016

Move it out...Move it forward...

Yard/Garage, whatever, have never been a favorite event to have ever since I can remember.  Growing up in a "weekend Swap Meet" lifestyle family makes me dread just the words garage sale.
Last Saturday "the kids" (my nickname for my son, Alec and DIL Christine), held a garage sale to move out stuff they have aquirred over the years.  They are cleaning out for their upcoming move to Thailand in June...yes, I typed Thailand...with our Grandchildren in tow.  
My heart is heavy, but I know it's their life and their adventure, so with that I only wish the very, very best for my kids as I always do.
What an adventure!

We had a wonderful turnout on a beautiful day.

Christine's friends (co workers) Katie and Rose. came to help.

Bapo brought donuts and was available to keep Ariston busy.

This is the look we get from Aris when the walk is all over.  How can I not take him around the block for another ride??

We will be having another sale on Saturday the 27th up here near our house in Anthem at the Community Center's Parking Lot from 8 am-12 pm.  Hope to see you there!