Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mahalo Hilo...Mahal kita! Part I

I had a wonderful time with Kel and the boyz in Hilo, Hawaii.
I went with Kelli for her 25th class reunion from Pahoa High School and to check on her Hilo house she has been building.

I enjoyed the company of all her welcoming classmates and family for the entire week.

Kelz close classmates met us for dinner Thursday before the reunion. Iwa and Raylyn were wonderful and Iwa's stories are a crack up.

The Friday night before the reunion we met everyone down at Kalapana Beach, their ol' high school stomping ground. Part of the beach has been overtaken by the lava flow. The night's sky was full of incredible stars.

Nothing like being hugged and kissed on the cheek by attractive Hawaiian men every time we said hello or good bye, just sayin'.

The food was amazing on our trip. Part II of my trip I will tell you all about her cousin Heather's amazing salmon.

1 lb Laulau with 2 scoops of island favorite. Too much for me.

But a 10 oz ribeye will do me just fine!

Each morning my breakfast included 1/2 a papaya with fresh squeezed lemon, not just any papaya, but a huge Hawaiian papaya (you can't get it like this on the mainland). I will never have papaya again without lemon, amazing (thank you Kel Kel!).

A walk through a lava tube with Kel and Brad. A view of the puffing smoke activity of one of the big island's volcano. What a view.

(Above photo of the Kilauea caldera and the emissions from the Halema'uma vent.)

It was great to walk everyday in a light rain along the bay. So much green! And the scent of the ocean...ya can't beat that!

When the boyz joined me we would stop for coffee along the way. No, not Starbucks (thank goodness). Kona coffee in Hilo at Jama's Coffee.

To be continued...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Musso Golf Tournament!!

I'm a bit behind in blogging, okay, I'm alot behind (Hi Cheryl!)...
Had a great time this year at the Annual Musso Golf Tournament back at the end of June in sunny So Calif. Karen joined Sam and I again this year.

We had a new player on our team, John Russell. Great outfit John!

Our team finished with a 73!! Only 1 over par. I think the Crown and Coke did it! Or maybe the Bloody Mary we started off with.

Next year I am heading up and all girl team so Sam can be with the boys!

Great time, great friends, great golf! What more could you ask for?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Little Grandbaby Adelina is One!

Alot going on this month and last, but thought I should take a moment and blog about our adorable little Adelina who turned 1 year on June 24th.

Family and friends helped us celebrate at her birthday pool party.

Nona and Nono made the trip along with Adelina's Aunt Liz, Uncle Chris, cousins Jaiden, Haley and Ashton.

Lotsa chokies for baby Adelina!!

Daddy bbq'd the carne asada (delish) and everyone played in the pool.

Great Grandma Pat came in especially for her birthday party. I gave my Mom a relaxing week prior. Sam even gave up his remote control...what a nice son in law.

Wonderful celebration! Adelina we love you!! xxoo