Friday, July 22, 2016

Chiang Mai Oh My

It's been over a month now since our son, daughter (in law) and our two grand kiddles moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand.
I can't express (I try not to let my tears fall too often) how happy and sad I am about it all.  I miss them tremendously.  

We FaceTime as much as possible within the time difference.  I am usually asleep during their day and they are sleeping during my day.  Ho's been tough.

They are taking in the sites.  What adventures! Beautiful temples!  Each grand with a new pair of "crocs".

An organic vegetable farm, perfect for Alec!

Even an organic coffee shop! 

Grocery shopping is different.  Packaging is more transparent.  A can of black olives is $6.00 so guess what I will be packing to surprise Adelina!

Ariston and Adelina checking out their new school for the summer.  Ariston's backpack is as big as he is.

Alec and Ariston enjoying "guy time" while Mom and Adelina are at school.

They got a great deal on 1996 Honda Accord which they named Rhonda and even had enough monies left over for Alec's new "hog".
 Christine has started working at her new school.  Adelina is making new friends and Ariston loves his new teacher.
Sam and I just purchased our airline tickets for December.  Looking forward to our month abroad...can't wait!
They are settling in. 
All is good.
"Cookies in Thailand"

Monday, July 4, 2016

She's Seriously Silly and 5!

Adelina turned 5 on the 24th of June, but since she and her family were leaving for Thailand on the 19th, she and I decided to celebrate a little early.
She is amazing!  So smart, so beautiful, so silly.
Her silliness reminded me of me when I was young.

What I get when I ask her for a smile.

Her family's good friends gave her a wonderful birthday/going away party...birthday cake and all!
She is so special to me.  She told me that I didn't need to worry about her and her big move because she has "Nee Nee in her heart" to remember me by.
I love you sweet girl.  
Stay silly until I see you again...very soon.

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Another year has past and another great time this past Monday for Sam and I!  
Michael and Kristie Musso have held this special golf tournament at Mile Square Park Golf Course in Fountain Valley, CA for the FVHS Football Boosters.  
I have been out of high school now for over 40 years, but each year we get together we have the best memories.

Lined up and ready to golf!  Tee time 1:00 pm.

Our group...Clark (what a golfer!), Rob, Sam, myself, Jay, Brian, My brother Ron and Trent.


Sam and Clark. 

Sam and Rob.

Jay and Brian.

Me and Tracy.

Jay, Ron and Trent.



My SIL Kelie and Ron.

My good friends Glen and Kent "Yomo"...Glen and I go as far back as 1st Grade.  You can't say "Yomo" without smiling!

Me and Rob.

Ron and Brian.

The weather was steamy this year with a lot of overcast.  We shot 4 under this year with the putting expertise of Clark.  Thank you Mike and Kristie for inviting us.  Can't wait for next year!

Mike and Kristie Musso.