Thursday, August 12, 2010


Same Pants Different Day! Yes, on a bike trip we are only allowed 2 pairs of long jeans. Sooo ya have to make them count, lol.

We left Elk City, OK this morning by 5:30 am...that's 3:30 am NV time! What a beautiful ride we made today. Stopped in Amarillo, TX for a bite to eat and a cup of hot coffee.

No wind and the breeze was cool. Stopped again in Tucumcari, NM (just like saying that name, lol) for an iced coffee and then back on the road. We rode 435 miles today in under 8 hours. Trying to stop every 100 miles or so as Sam's neck and my mid back are starting to take a beating with such a long ride.

I think New Mexico is my favorite state to ride through. Northern Texas is all open plains. No trees, just cattle and you can tell when you come up on a herd, if you know what I mean.

We arrivved in Albuquerque, NM by noon. We relaxed in the sun by the pool as Sam puffed on a good cigar.

Dinner is planned at my most favorite restaurant, the "Artichoke Cafe". Home cooking gourmet style. We try to visit here every other year, usually around my birthday. This year we are a month early.

Can't wait for 6:00 pm...NM time!

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