Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Golf Lesson 4 and 5...and the 8 Iron...aghhh

8-Iron Golf Swing eHow.com
Love the pitching wedge, loathe the 8 iron...that's all I have to say, lol. Moving on to the 5H-Hybrid. Now that's a club.

Great day yesterday at the driving range. As I was taking out my clubs from the back of my car I heard a man talking from the car parked next to me. I thought to myself "I know that voice". I looked over to the man and said "Marty"? It turned out to be a very good friend of mine who I hadn't seen in 21 years when we lived in Bullhead City, AZ Wow! What a small world.

Hope to get together soon with Marty and his wife for golf and lunch. Marty taught me how to bowl years ago and hope he has some pointers for golf as well. Woo hoo!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can't Keep a Good Cat Down!

Well, the "incident" happened Thursday morning. I heard a metal crash and then a loud cat bellow while I was upstairs. I ran down to see what had happened to our poor little cat, Jocko. Without my glasses on I felt his paws, head and body, but nothing seemed harmed. I then put on my glasses and could see he had torn the end of his tail. I then saw a pile of fur on my antique little step ladder. I could only assume he swan dived (as he likes to do) off his "kitty condo" and got his tail caught in the ladder near it.

Looked like a trip to the vet for him. Thank goodness Jordan was there to help. He is such a loving cat, but with the trauma he had quite a different personality. The vet said he needed to have 2" amputated off his long tail. Ouch! So off to surgery he went.

It's two days later and he is doing well. Great meds! He doesn't like the cone fashion statement, but we can't have him chew on his bandage. Today he is sleeping peacefully on the chair behind me. Hope I will sleep peacefully soon too as he still likes to "cuddle" with us at night and early morning with his head gear on.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Golf Lesson No. 3...The Driver!

No, not that driver!

I enjoyed my 3rd lesson last Monday with the "driver". Ball placed in front of me club length and to the inside of my left heel. So much more to remember. My brain is beginning to feel like a pitted golf ball.

But, what an intense sensation when you hit that little white ball perfectly...well when you hit it perfectly 4 out of 10 times, lol. I suppose practice makes perfect, or something like it.

And so, next Monday...lesson No. 4.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Traditional Irish Blessing

With love to my beautiful Mother on her 79th birthday and to all my family and friends.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Annual Cribbage Tournament 2011

What a great day for the Annual Cribbage Tournament sponsored by ~SYMBIUS MEDICAL and the SPINAL CORD INJURY ASSOCIATION held in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Great group of family and friends.

We always start out with a tough cup of coffee and a donut in hand.

Steve and Jordan "Precious" Jordan.

Carol and Frank. (Zout Frank, Zout!)

Ryan and Scott. Russell and Barbara.

Gary and Dwight behind him across from Nicole (one tough cookie to beat and it was her birthday!)

Jordan and Mary above and Bob below.

The service dogs were posing for me. This is Chance.

This is Scott's dog Brando. What a cute pup!

Gary playing Marilyn as Dorothy watched.

And the winner this year was Dwight. Crowned by Duey with Leah's headband.

I am there to shuffle the cards for those who need me, but counting cards...hmmm I leave that to the players. With only 362 days left...I hope by next year I will have my cribbage game ready to go. Watch out Dwight!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Golf Lesson No. 2...Yes, you can golf in the wind.

Alright, Mother Nature wasn't quite this bad. But, it was extremely windy with the clouds blowing in and out and in again all in the course of one short hour. And me eating my hair with each swing (the pony tail is not enough!).

I had always wondered why women wear their hair short as they got older..It's to play golf!

Yesterday, I accomplished a good swing with the pitching wedge. And then felt certain body parts that need more weight lifting attention.

I had been warned about being bit by the golf monster. I think it may have put it's teeth in me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Relational Aggression

What is Relational Agression?

It happens when you least expect it: the sudden, painful sting that hurts deeply, because you thought you were in a safe place, with other women and immune from harm. A word, a gesture, or some other seemingly innocuous behavior can be all it takes to wound in a way that hurts more than any physical blow. This is female relational aggression (RA): the subtle art of emotional devastation that takes place every day at home, at work, or in community settings. Unlike openly aggressive men, women learn early on to go undercover with these assaults, often catching their victims unaware. Many carry this behavior into adulthood.

The Mature Bee

Relational aggression in younger women generally involves three players: the bully or aggressor, the victim or target, and the bystander, a girl in between who watches aggression occur but may or may not intervene. In adult women, it seems apparent that RA becomes much more deliberate as well as subtle, and the in-betweener may play a different role because adult women are less likely to stand by passively and watch such situations unfold. Some of these women even adopt a malicious variation of the inbetween role. If a bully is the Queen Bee, her sidekick is often the Middle Bee, who isn't directly aggressive, but who creates a context where women with a tendency to respond aggressively to threats will do so. For example, the Middle Bee may be the woman who makes sure the Queen Bee bully hears all the office coffee break talk -- twisted so that it reflects badly on her. The Middle Bee woman senses which behaviors are guaranteed to incite a potential aggressor and doesn't hesitate to use them.

In the same way, the Afraid-to-Bee adult woman demonstrates the victim role perfectly. Unlike an adolescent girl whose forming identity is vulnerable to the slings and arrows of a bully, the Afraid-to-Bee is more aware of her abilities and often knows that her tormenting Queen Bee is unreasonable but lacks the confidence to respond assertively. She is truly afraid to be her own person.

I prefer to be the "Don't Bee"...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You need to be a sponge to retain all the golfing instructions!

I always thought that in golf you could just walk up to the ball with club in hand and swing...boy, was I wrong.

My first lesson was yesterday morning and have I been enlightened before even swinging the club!

Here is the list:
1. Grip (light grip) on the club with correct finger placement.
2. Stance with feet firmly planted and spaced.
3. Distance of the club from the ball approx a fist length from your belt buckle (or close proximity).
4. Shoulders loose with head down and eyes on the ball.
5. Little seated squat-like position.
6. Knees slightly bent.
7. Elbows firm as you swing the club back. Your hands come downward first allowing the body and arms, as you twist your torso with the swing, do the work instead of your wrists. And as you follow through your chin should touch your left shoulder (if you are right handed) but no further.

Believe it or not, I did very well.

Now I understand while watching a golf tournament why the pros just don't walk up and hit the ball. Alot of thinking first. Hurts the brain, but what fun when you hit the ball perfectly!

Thank you Ryan! See you Monday morning.