Monday, June 13, 2016

'Growing' Away

Well the countdown has begun.  My son, daughter in law (daughter) and my two little Grand Kiddles are flying to Chiang Mai, Thailand next Sunday.  Each with two new jobs and new schools.  They are excited for their new life, their journey.

I am so very happy for them all and I know this is what they need to do.  Thailand calls to them as they taught English 7 years ago there and have been trying to get back ever since.

My husband and I both are also starting a new life, new journey.  We are hoping to travel more and can't wait for our Thailand visit in December.  Our life will consist of a lot of Skype and FaceTime.

My heart has been heavy for many weeks now.  Trying to prepare myself for not being as "needed" as I have been in the past 5 years.

My Granddaughter Adelina gave me a beautiful star the other day telling me "it's for you Nee Nee because you don't cry about Thailand"...well not when she sees me anyway.

Our next 6 days will be filled with pool parties in AZ with family and friends. And with lots of hugs, kisses and "hold me's".  
Thailand, please treat them well.  Keep them safe. 
I love you all,
Nee Nee