Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Eyelash Alert

Haven't had much time to post as I am trying to get all my ebay in for August before we leave for a 3 week trip to Texas in September.
A stop in Prescott and Las Cruces (love, love Las Cruces).

Christine and I took the kids to the mall for school shopping last Saturday.  Was a great day with "pretzel bites".

Hanny wanted to show me her famous "funny face".  xxoo

Oh and "John Smith" (shhh, the love of her life right now, lol).

Our Grandkiddle Ariston is growing up so fast.

On our way home, a tuckered out little man held my hand as he fell asleep.  I was able to capture a couple of photos with my left hand and nose...yes, nose to push the button.

And now for the eyelash alert.

Such wonderful, good natured Grandkiddles!!  Love, love, love em!