Sunday, May 10, 2015

504 + 1 The Hardman/Bardos Planting Day 2

On Sunday Rob, Sandi, Sam and I went to an early breakfast so the Anniversary couple would be surprised when we got back to the house.

And what a surprise it was!  Adrienne had such a great turn out for her parents surprise planting party!  Many had already began planting.

Deyvn showing them how to plant.

Ryleigh and baby Kamdyn.

Adrienne digging holes.


Hard working (as always) Rob.

Phil taking turns with Sam with the auger.

Phil and Sam.

Saudi's brother Pat.  

A couple of neighbor's stopped by with their beautiful Vizsla dogs.

Starting to look like landscape.

Baby Kamdyn.

Baby Andrew.  The twins are getting so big!

And helpful Cinder.  

Such a wonderful turnout with wonderful family and friends!

Happy 39th Anniversary Rob and Sandi!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

504 + 1 The Hardman/Bardos Planting Day 1

Our good friends, Rob and Sandi were celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary on May 1st.  Their daughter Adrienne (our flower girl back in 1982) called a few weeks back and asked if we would come out to Riverside, CA and stay with them to help surprise her parents.  She was planning a "surprise" planting party on Sunday to plant 503 plants and 2 large trees on their front slope and had invited friends and family.

Friday morning their landscaper, Dennis (a good friend too!) delivered the plants.  

Saturday morning he and his workers formed out more of the concrete walkways.

Then it was time to place the plants per the landscape plans. 

Cutie pie Deyvn posing for me.

A lot of work walking up and down that slope!

My husband Sam, Phil (Adrienne's husband), Rob, Dennis and his workers placing the plants.

1 and 5 gallon beautiful plants!

Sam, Rob and Dennis.

It's gonna look beautiful!!