Thursday, February 20, 2014

Already a week has past...

I can't believe it has already been a week since I left my Aunt and cousins back in Sunrise, Florida and the beautiful weather.

I had such a great time.  Again, a 10 day coffee chat at the dining room table.  Weather was perfect for most of my trip and was able to take my daily walk.

A couple days at the pool and a day at the beach.

My Aunt Mary is my Mom's youngest sister.  She's pretty close to my age in years and in spirit.  Her children are as cool as she is!

Treated them to my "braided bread" with Aunt Mary's sauce.  Rachel...did you watch how I made it??  lol. 

Poor Leah had allergies...All I could say to her was "Ah Leah" every time she sneezed.  Felt so bad for her.

Greg took our photo to compare to our 2011 photo shot...thanks Tommy for the pose!

Aunt Mary took a photo of us all including Greg the Cheesemaker and Paul the Oculus Rifter.  This trip I learned about "Tommy Lies" and Rachel's "SBF", lol.  Hope to see more of Leah next trip.

I love and miss you all so much.  
Thank you for ALWAYS making me feel like one of the family when I visit.  And thank you "Lil Mama" and Rachel for entertaining me!
I hope someday I can repay all of you with a visit here in Las Vegas soon!  xxoo

Monday, February 3, 2014

Felting...Frustratingly Fun

Last Friday our craft girl gathering brought us to Boulder City's Fiddlesticks Quilt shop for our 6 hour felting class with artist/doll maker Terese Cato.  Above is the bunny sample for us to attempt to create.

She is a incredible artist!  No seams, no stitches.  Her work is flawless.

Unbelievable creations with just a 'poke' of a felting needle!

My beginning...

We had an incident where Cheryl couldn't find her felting needle. We looked over her chair, the floor, the table, her lunch bag, even the cuff in her pant leg...lo and behold I saw something sticking out from one of her magnetic clasps on her beaded bracelet. Oh my...found!

Bunny needs eyelids!

Teryle and Cynthia as Terese walked about the class to help us all.

Cheryl and Eileen.

Eileen's bunny head.

Cheryl's bunny head.

Cynthia's bunny head.

The project progression from start...

to almost finished.  

I think we should have probably stopped here and only attempted to make a bunny head on a stick.  (Above photo is another sample).
I have almost completed my bunny head.  His ears are on and now, but he looks more like the "Luck Dragon" from The Neverending Story, lol.

Terese Cato is an wonderful, informative instructor.  Full of fun filled stories to relate to our wool projects.

This was an amazing class.  The sculpting is intense.  Once you start 'poking' that darn felting needle into the wool you don't want to stop.  Great way to relax, but I think a pincushion will be the next project in my future...hopefully less frustratingly fun!