Saturday, August 28, 2010

MICHAEL BUBLE...What more can I say?

Michael Bublé at MGM Grand Garden Arena
Nordstrom's presents the multi-Grammy award-winning artist, Michael Bublé as he performs songs like "Haven't Met You Yet" and "Crazy Love" on his Crazy Love Tour, coming to the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

When: Saturday, Aug. 28, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas

Well since my BFF Kel Kel loves to shop at Nordstrom's they have given her (2) tickets to see Mr. Buble tonight at the MGM...FLOOR Row 11!! And she's taking me!!
Woohoo! Crazy Love Tour!
Thank you Kel!
...and I am sure I will have more to say, tomorrow!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's a Seligman Stop without Sno Cap Tacos!

On our last day of our road trip we decided to make our lunch stop a favorite one. Homemade tacos from Seligman, AZ's famous ~Sno Cap~ on old Route 66!

As we walked in, John our good friend, chef, owner and chief bottle washer, recognized us right away. He calls me "Carmela" after Mrs. Soprano. He and his sister Cecilia and husband Paul, have kept the business going strong.

While we were ordering, we met a gentleman driving his horses from Tehachapi, CA to Colorado. He was a "Ca-nad-ee-an" transplant with a slight french accent named Maurice. We told him to order the tacos (that's what I tell everyone!). I explained the reason they are so good is because the cheese is melted in the bottom of the freshest hard taco shell ever. They melt in your mouth...and you can't eat just one. Plus the salsa is "muy bueno".

Sam and I each had two and Maurice did the same. I think he was amazed that they really were great tacos and thanked me for sharing the information. In fact they were so fresh and tasted so good, I forgot to take a photo to show how John places them ever so gently in their own little taco holders!

Before we hopped back on the bike, John wanted to take us for a ride through Seligman in his souped up fire engine (I think he was trying to impress Sam with it's makes "wolf calls"). We pulled out of the drive way as the tourist's cameras began taking their vacation photos. We made a turn around trip down Route 66. We finished our root beer (oh you must try the root beer!) as we pulled back into the shaded parking space. We said our thank you's and see ya soon's to John.

If you make ever make the trip through Arizona on Hwy 40, make sure you stop here. Again I recommend the tacos, but I am told anything on the menu is great. The experience is worth the trip.

Oh and make sure you order a "small" ice cream cone before you leave.

A little Sno Cap history:
Juan and Mary Delgadillo established the Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona in 1953 along Route 66. The building was built by Juan, along with his father and his brothers, out of scrap lumber he collected while working for the railroad. Juan retired from the railroad and worked everyday at the Snow Cap until the day he died, June 2, 2004 at the age of 88. Juan became well known through many magazines and newspaper articles as one of the co-founders of Historic Route 66. He was cherished by tourists for the antics he pulled on them while they were trying to order food and drinks.

The Snow Cap is perhaps one of the most wackiest, off-beat burger joints around. Many people will stop and say that the place is the same as it was when they came here as a young person. Today, visitors from Europe, Germany, Japan and other countries, as well as those from the United States seek the nostalgia of Historic Route 66 and the jokes that are famous at the Snow Cap. Juan’s two sons, Robert and John, along with his daughter Cecilia and wife Mary continue the tradition of serving up a generous dose of humor along with some of the best red chiliburgers and tacos, not to mention great shakes and soft ice cream.
301 E Chino Ave, Seligman, AZ
On old Route 66 at the east end of town on the south side of the street.
Take either exit #121 or #123 from I-40.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Centofante Family's First Reunion 2010

August 7, 2010 was the first Centofante Family Reunion where East met Midwest at the home of Michael and Debera Centofante in Gilbertsville, KY. For those of you who don't know Kentucky, it is close to Paducah (for all you quilting fans that means really, really close to "Hancock's of Paducah").

These are Sam's brothers and sisters, in order by age.
Youngest to oldest, Anthony, Sam, Angelo, Mary Alice, Dorothy, Patricia and Michael.

These two bathing beauties are my husband Sam's cousins from Illinois, Barb and Kathie. Both sweet girls with beautiful grown up children.

These are Sam's cousins.
Chris, Dennis, Lauren, Kathie, Jack, Uncle Freddie, Alessandro, Mia, Aunt Josie behind Mia, Jim behind Aunt Josie, Barb, Dana and Don.

Have I mentioned that Uncle Freddie really likes name tags? Hope he's not describing mine

This is Sam's cousin, Johnny's beautiful family. Johnny, Lisa, their two daughters Jillian and Jenna and friend, Jason.

This is my immediate family by marriage. Back row from left to right, Sam, Anthony, Dorothy, Frank, Kellie, Austin, Michael, Ryan, Patricia and Sandy. Front row from left to right, David, me, Dylan, Brenden, Debera, Gary, Gina, Charisma, Mary Alice, Vincent and Angelo.

"Pickles"...says Vinnie, my great nephew. What a cutie pie!

This is my great niece, Charisma. She looks just like her Mother, Gina and even samples the food the way she used to at our family dinners...or should I say like her Grandma? lol

And these three boys are Debera's grandchildren, Brenden, Dylan and Ryan. I have become funny friends with Dylan xxoo.

Even Ike, Bette, Bette's son Dan and "dawter"-in-law Becky joined us from Pennsylvania. Ike and Bette are two of my most favorite people.

This is my nephew Austin. I think I may have been taller than him just last year, okay maybe not.

It was Michael and Debera's wedding anniversary on the 6th. It was nice of them to spend their special weekend with all of us.

Thank you both for opening up your home to us. We all had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next reunion!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Little Red Bike That Couldn't...

We rode out from Albuquerque, NM yesterday, at 5 am planning on only riding to Flagstaff, AZ and staying the night. The weather that morning was cold, yes cold, from NM to the AZ stateline in August. Had to put on full leathers and a sweatshirt underneath. We arrived in Flagstaff to it's beautiful scenery and fresh air.

We then decided to "ride on through" to home. We had already rode 325 miles so now we only had about 300 miles to go. We decided to stop and have a bite to eat in Seligman, AZ at the famous Route 66's Sno Cap diner.

The heat was becoming too intense so we decided to drive through Laughlin, NV and stop at Sam's fire Station 76 for a wet down before we rode on home.

Well, it was Friday the 13th, but it didn't rear it's ugly head until 45 miles away from home in Seachlight, NV. As we were riding up an upgrade into Searchlight, our bike began to make a horrible sound as Sam down shifted. And power. He pulled her to the side of the rode.

I then called our son Alec and left a message. Sam then called his FF friend Nick and he immediately rose to the occasion and drove to our house in Henderson only to meet Alec already loading up the trailer on the truck.

Sam told me to walk on up to the gas station and get into the shade, but I wasn't about to leave my "driver" sitting in the heat. So I told him "let's push her".

So Sam and I pushed her in the heat, uphill (in the snow, backwards, barefoot...adding to the drama here, lol) about a 1/4 mile to the truck stop portion of the gas station. We huffed and we puffed as it took 5 attempts to get her up that hill. Stopping each time to take a drink of water because it felt like you just inhaled fire.

We finally made it and believe it or not, there was "grass" and a shady little palm tree to sit under while we waited. We wet down our towels and tried to relax.

Alec arrived and we loaded up our little girl and drove home. Sam kept repeating "but we were making such good time".

She seemed happy to be on our trailer as she followed behind us. I'm thankful she brought us this far safely. She's a good girl and we thought she deserved a massage. So now she's sitting in the Harley shop being cared for by professional hands.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ah...The Artichoke Cafe

Ah, what can I say, but dee lee shee o so! We just love this restaurant.

We found it by accident over 6 years ago on our way home from our motorcycle ride to Colorado Springs, CO for the Fallen Firefighters Memorial held every year in September. Glad we made the stop in Albuquerque, NM.

First time was for my 47th birthday. Sam and I pulled up after riding all day and saw the word "cafe" thinking we could grab a quick bite to eat before we found a hotel for the night. Little did we know as we walked in that this was no ordinary cafe and our "attire" (being in leathers) was not the usual dress code. The hostess walked us to our table as we noticed that this was more of a "gourmet" restaurant. The hostess assured us our appearance was fine, "we get all kinds here on their journeys". The couple seated next to us drove in from Dallas, TX just for their dinner.

Tonight we arrived during "Happy Hour" this trip (prices are slightly reduced). Sam and I usually order a different entree and share as to each sample the menu. However, this year I don't think he saved me one bite! I also ordered my most favorite "Creme Brulee" with 3 little blackberries on top. Sam said he "didn't need" dessert, but notice his spoon in the photo.

We try to go back every couple of years. This was our 4th time and the food is always perfect. The atmosphere is cozy and everyone is so friendly. I can't wait for another trip, but maybe not so much on the Harley this time...I'm getting a bit old for the long, bumpy ride.


Same Pants Different Day! Yes, on a bike trip we are only allowed 2 pairs of long jeans. Sooo ya have to make them count, lol.

We left Elk City, OK this morning by 5:30 am...that's 3:30 am NV time! What a beautiful ride we made today. Stopped in Amarillo, TX for a bite to eat and a cup of hot coffee.

No wind and the breeze was cool. Stopped again in Tucumcari, NM (just like saying that name, lol) for an iced coffee and then back on the road. We rode 435 miles today in under 8 hours. Trying to stop every 100 miles or so as Sam's neck and my mid back are starting to take a beating with such a long ride.

I think New Mexico is my favorite state to ride through. Northern Texas is all open plains. No trees, just cattle and you can tell when you come up on a herd, if you know what I mean.

We arrivved in Albuquerque, NM by noon. We relaxed in the sun by the pool as Sam puffed on a good cigar.

Dinner is planned at my most favorite restaurant, the "Artichoke Cafe". Home cooking gourmet style. We try to visit here every other year, usually around my birthday. This year we are a month early.

Can't wait for 6:00 pm...NM time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For those of you who don't know Jack...

I met Jack last summer on our ride to Las Cruces, NM along HWY 60. We had stopped for gas at one of those gas station mini marts. I went in for a bottle of water and as I walked past the chewing gum display he began flirting with me.

I immediately noticed his strong structure and as I reached out and touched him I felt the softness of his every fiber. I knew I had to make him mine. I walked him to the checkout counter and told the clerk I was in need of his attention. She smiled and told us we made a cute couple.

As we walked out of the store together, he wrapped himself around my neck. I knew from that point on he had my back, protecting me from the hot sun.

We were together for many little road trips. Sometimes he would wrap around my face protecting me against the forces of Mother Nature as she came towards me. We were one.

Well today on our ride from Conway, AR to Elk City, OK, Jack decided to leave me. As we were driving through a construction site along HWY 40 just before Muskogee, OK, I felt him releasing his hold on me. I tried to pull him closer to me but he continued to just let go.

I watched through the rearview mirror as he floated away in the wind towards a construction worker. I hope she is nice to you Jack.

I thought I understood him. I thought we were a team.
Hopefully we will meet again. I am going to miss your face.

But for now, I guess I just don't know Jack either.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Ride Home

We left Gilbertsville, KY this morning at 7:30 am. Nice ride, overcast a little rain here and there. Met a nice couple who were recently engaged along the way. Another attempt towards Branson, MO didn't happen as the dark clouds warned us to go the other way. We then headed for Little Rock, AR. After a few stops and even lunch at a "Waffle House" the rain began to be too much for us once the wind kicked up. We stopped and stayed the night in Conway, AR.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shine on You Crazy Diamond!

Remember when you were young...
You shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond...

What a great evening we had at our Fountain Valley High School's, 35th Class Reunion, July 31, 2010.

My first photo is of my girlfriend Norma whom I hung out with mostly after graduation going to local dance clubs and parties; next is Jme one of the coolest girls in school. Always a big smile and so friendly to everyone she meets; next is Warren. He is a year younger, or maybe two and would walk home behind my BFF Sue Johnson Wilson and I just being his sweet, cute self.

This is a photo is of my BFF Karen since high school and my 1st grade BFF, Glen.

The next photo of Barry. Barry, in my opinion had the best hair, girl or guy, at the reunion. Great hair Barry! Oh, did I say that again? LOL.

Now a photo of my husband's high school sweetheart. He was a senior in high school and I had just turned 21 when we became a couple. Okay, okay, I was a cradle robber, but what a great cradle to rob! I love you Sam.

My last photo is of Dennis and Karen. Dennis was my high school sweetie. We have remained great friends for over 35 years.

4 1/2 hours crusing Newport Beach's backbay during sunset was not enough time to enjoy such wonderful friends and share all the memories from the past.

Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
Come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old Town Tustin...Concert in the Park

What a nice evening with friends, and my little sister Barbie who flew in from So Padre Island, TX.

We drank wine with our cheese, cracked green olives and Italian cold cuts. Barbie brought a loaf of French bread to complete our snacks.

Karen brought her daughter Kathleen (what a doll!) and her good friend Kalee. Even little "Rosie" spent the evening with us.

Dennis brought along a slice of gourmet American Cheese for us all to share. Such the big spender, lol. Okay, he also brought us an apple!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Never can say, no, no no no

It's been 39 years since my class of 1971 graduated from James O Harper school in sunny, Fountain Valley, CA. Our school disappeared a few years back and lent itself to a street of million dollar homes. All we have left is Harper Park where we gathered once again on August 31, 2010 for our annual reunion.

Sam is here with his best friend from high school Vince. He is responsible for getting Sam and I together back in 1978. Thank you Vince!

Can't wait for another wonderful day in our park. Harper Hawks Rule!