Friday, April 29, 2011

Let them eat cake!

Today was Prince William and Cathrine/Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding. And I was definitely into the wedding cake. White on white, baby!

The detail in those roses is amazing. I would have a hard time making the first cut, however no problem taking the first bite.

Beautiful people and beautiful cake. What a beautiful day!

"As with every other aspect of the wedding Ms. Middleton gave very specific instructions to Cairns and wanted 17 different blooms and foliage, known as the ‘language of flowers.’ Also incorporated in the design of the cake were aspects of Buckingham Palace, such as lattice work, intricate garlands and pipe leaf details. As for the cake itself it had dired fruit in it such as figs, raisins, grated oranges and cherries and was made with free-range flour and eggs."

Makes my mouth water just reading the ingredients!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The first day that she planted, it was just a twig...

What better way to begin your morning than to walk out into our courtyard and breathe in the scent of spring.

Our Palo Verde tree has grown so large that we are now able to shade a variety of plants.

Sam and I have been planting for the past couple of months before the heat here in Henderson becomes too intense.

Yesterday we planted two rose bushes with the help of our little lady friend (she's still here this morning).

Our beautiful fountain brings peace to our little coffee sitting area.

I am going to try and make a point of having my coffee in the courtyard each morning as the scent of flowers won't last longer than a couple of weeks.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Surprising Bird of the Week: Marshmallicus delicious delicious

The American Bird Conservancy has chosen a surprising species as its Bird of the Week:

Marshmallicus delicious delicious - a bird known to many at this time of year by its common name, The Peep.

Here's what ABC has to tell us about this species, which tends to flock at just this time of year:

Peeps typically make their appearance in the springtime, with numbers peaking in April. Despite their ubiquitous distribution and social nature, their migratory paths, wintering, and breeding areas are little known.

During their breeding season, Peeps can easily be found in suburban backyard habitats, where they lay clutches of colorful eggs in nests of brightly-colored plastic grasses. Adult and immature peeps can be quickly located by their sweet calls and neon plumage.

Scientists recognize only the familiar "yellow" form of peep; but there is currently support in the ornithological community for granting separate species status to the blue, teal, pink, and purple forms of Peep, currently considered color morphs.

Although Peeps are heavily consumed, their populations appear to quickly rebound in subsequent years and therefore they are not a species of conservation concern.

Enjoy this popular harbinger of spring!

Hope all my friends (feathered or not) have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

With love,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's All Uphill From Here...

Another round of golf yesterday with the husband at the top of Anthem here in Henderson on the beautiful Revere Golf Club's Concord course.

What a view of Las Vegas! And what a great day spent in the sunshine with wonderful friends, Marty and his wife Jan (she is a special lady, what a sweet person).

I hope to become a better player soon as I don't have hiking boots to carry on the course. The last nine holes are uphill and when you don't hit your ball that far just yet, you sure do alot of walking!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing with the big boys...

Well yesterday I did it, my first round of golf!

We met up at Tuscany for a nice foursome with my husband Sam, friend Marty and new friend Jay. Felt pretty darn good...for the most part. I kept the ball in the fairway to the best of my new ability. It's a bit intimidating with men. Especially not slowing them down and I am thankful they have patience.

All in all I would say it was amazing. Outdoors with beautiful green grass and well watered trees (doesn't look like Vegas desert). My sewing hand is a little sore so I may be a bit slow on my handbag quilting and vintage pillow making for a day or two.

Monday's lesson Ryan and I will need to work on my sand wedge as those little bunkers drove me bonkers!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh my...chipping and putting...there ya go now.

I might need a chipper this size to accomplish a good chip. I thought the 8 Iron was difficult. Again, practice, practice, practice and more practice (this is why golf is the rich man's sport, lol).

Chipping and putting uses a swing where you don't move more than your upper body and I've been told I like to "dance".

Putting is getting there. I've heard many a time, just get "close" to the target. So that's my new strategy.

Wish me luck for tomorrow is the real deal. A foursome with three men which includes my dear husband for a round of golf. Please Lord, give them all patience!

~ Keep it still back there, lady, or else we're gonna have to, ya know, shoot ya.~
Carl Showalter

Sunday, April 3, 2011

When I Grow Up...I want to be a Doris Day

Today Doris turns 88 years old. What a beautiful person.

I used to think when someone called me a June Cleaver or a Doris Day because I took pride in keeping a clean house and doting on my husband, that I was something horrible. I now take it as a compliment. Thank you.

I have always loved taking care of my home, my garden, my husband and now my older children should they need me.

While growing up I didn't think about becoming anything more than a good wife and a Mother just like my Mom. Okay, once I had an inkling of becoming an oceanographer when I was in high school, but "waved" that notion as the idea of being on a ship on the high seas made me woozy, lol.

Here's to you Doris! Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Official...Michael Got Married Yesterday

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Canadian pop star Michael Buble married Argentine TV actress Luisana Lopilato in a civil ceremony on Thursday.

The Grammy-winning singer of "Crazy Love" and his Argentine sweetheart posed for a mob of fans after tying the knot at a civil registry in downtown Buenos Aires.

She wore a lilac chiffon dress with silver high heels and Buble wore a sharp gray suit as he leaned down for a smooch.

Then Lopilato, 23, tossed a bouquet of purple orchids into the crowd as some fans threw rice and red rose petals and a young woman shouted "I love you Michael!"

Buble, 35, won his Grammy last month for traditional pop vocal album, and is one of North America's top-grossing concert entertainers. Lopilato made her name as a model and in Argentine sitcoms and soap operas, including "Rebel Way," "Little Girls," "Married With Children" and "Pirate Soul."

The couple plan a full ceremony with 300 guests next month at a mansion outside Buenos Aires, and another wedding in Vancouver in April. They have homes in Canada, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires province.

Buble dated British actress Emily Blunt for several years before he met Lopilato in 2009 during a South American concert tour. Lopilato was romantically involved before with tennis player Juan Monaco.

With more than 500,000 fans and followers in Facebook and Twitter, Lopilato sent messages throughout the day, thanking her family and the media. "How beautiful it all was!" she wrote.