Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Centofante Family Reunion

The weekend of August 4th, Sam and I hosted the 2nd reunion here at our home in Henderson.

I can't believe it had already been 2 years since our first reunion in Gilbertsville, KY.

It was an overcast weather weekend for the most part which didn't affect too many of our guests.

Uncle Freddie entertained us with his piano playing. Wonderful to hear that piano being played so well! Even if it needs tuning.

Debbie and Michael celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary...Happy Anniversary!

"Great" Aunt Dorothy and baby Adelina.

The 4 Amigos...Michael, David, Sam and Anthony. Yeah, that's right...that "was" my bottle of Crown Royal!

Our Great Niece, Charisma.

Charisma loved Great Uncle Sam's peanut butter cookies!

Our daughter Jordan and our son Alec.

Jordan and Sam.

Anthony and son Austin.

My nephew Austin was my kitchen company. He stood with me in the kitchen for at least 72 hours, lol. (It was nice to look UP and see his beautiful smile.)

Sam and I want to thank all of you for making the trek to Henderson to share in our reunion weekend. We had a great visit.
And I hear on the wind that our next reunion will be in sunny So California! Woohoo!!


(Those of you whom aren't in my photos, I'm sorry. I wasn't behind my camera too often. And if you have any photos to share please email them to me at sncento@yahoo.com and I will add them to my blog for all of us to share.)

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Moment at the Aria

A quick moment to share a quick moment spent with my bff girlfriend from high school, Karen, who called me on Wednesday of last week and asked if we could spend an evening together like the "old days".

She booked a room for us at the ARIA on the strip for Friday night. And what a beautiful choice!

First stop once unpacked was a "sweet" from the sweet shop 'JEAN PHILIPPE'.

And after viewing the gorgeous layout of goodies we respectfully chose the lemon meringue mini pie.

Then it was two cosmo's heading to the Cosmo-politan after a delicious dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club for Karen to view "the" chandelier.

Thank you Karen for thinking of me...next visit will be a room at the Cosmopolitan.