Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adelina Starts Primary School...at 2

Our Adelina's first day of Primary School yesterday...she is already so smart at 2 years old.  Her Mommy is a teacher at a Montessori school giving Adelina a jump start on her education.

Here she is with her Daddy while Mommy takes their photo.  She's such a big girl already.  xxoo

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yeah, that's what she's talkin' about!

[doh-nuht, -nuht]


1. a small cake of sweetened or, sometimes, unsweetened dough fried in deep fat, typically shaped like a ring or, when prepared with a filling, a ball.

2. anything shaped like a thick ring; an annular object; toroid.

Also, donut.

1795–1805; dough + nut

That's Adelina's favorite word "dee nut"!  Especially when "Nee Nee Bapo" bring her one.  xxoo