Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adelina Suai

~ADELINA SUAI~ June 24th, 2011
6.14 lbs
19 inches
She was born a week is her due date. What an angel!
Happiness is no longer a warm puppy, lol...

Friday, June 24, 2011

We are Grandparents Today!!

Welcome baby girl Adelina Suai Centofante. Born today at 11:08 am, weighing in at 6.14 lbs and 19 inches.

She decided to come to us a week early...yes, Grandpa and I had driven to sunny Huntington Beach, CA yesterday thinking we still had another week or so and this morning the call came in that she was on her way.

So it was a fast drive back here to Henderson, but not fast enough as she came into the world while on the road. I missed the birth, but arrived for the good stuff...holding her in my arms. She's adorable if I do say so myself.

Congratulations my beautiful children, Christine (Squirrle) and Alec. You two are a wonderful team! We are so very proud of you.

We love you so much,

Dadone and Nonee

Monday, June 20, 2011

We've only just begun...

Today is my husband's last shift with CCFD here in Las Vegas, NV. He became a firefighter back in 1985 with Bullhead Fire Dept and then on to Clark County in 1991. It's amazing how fast time goes by.

We've met and made very special friend through the years and they will always be considered an extention of our family.

Congratulations on your retirement and to a new chapter of your life (our life).
Here's to you my sweet husband! xxoo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

4th Annual Ph-ire P-hool Ph-un Par-ty

Thank you Mike and Valery for another great pool party!

This year "beer", or whatever beverage you prefer, "pong" was played with posted "House Rules"!

Oh and the teams, too funny...Sam and Todd vs Julie and Rochelle. Plus the "Three Musketeers", Travis, Aric and Chris (the new generation of firemen) who can't loose.

Weather was wonderful not too hot this year.

Rochelle, Valery, Julie, myself and Erin.

Senor Julie and Travis...New ideas for tattoos...this one really has me thinking I need one for myself.

Travis, you are just too cute...need to introduce you to my daughter!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A quilt for baby A

Well, I finally did it...I completed my first quilt (one of many to come). With the help and knowledge of my dearest friend Cheryl and a little on binding, this is the creation for my new Granbaby to be "A"...(boy or girl their first initial is A). I'm now a quilting fool with the rest of my quilting friends.

The pattern is called Fresh & Easy by Debbie Dominy. And that it is and was!

The quilt is in Mommy to Be's color pallette, "Meadow Sweet" by designer Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller fabrics. And Mommy to Be loved receiving it last night.

The quilting is by a wonderful quilter I found in Boulder City, NV at Fiddlesticks, Stephanie Davis. Thank you Stephanie!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Little Ankle Biter!

My daughter decided to get herself dog for her birthday...Maximus/Max...he's a rescue dog. He is adorable once you get to know him or should I say, once he gets to know you.

She brought him by the house Saturday for a visit. It might have been my hat that he didn't like, but before he even got out of the car he growled at me.

Then while making my daughter's 22nd birthday breakfast, French toast...her most favorite, little Max decided he didn't like the way I walked by him (I'm guessing here) and he nipped the back of my ankle.

Okay...he's a rescue dog, so I'm not sure how he had been treated in the past and gave him a pass on the bite.

I then decided to remove my hat and voila...he was tail wagging and immediately came over for me to pet him. I would summize that the person whom treated him poorly wore a hat.

He spent the day with Sam and I while Jordan went shopping for party favors for her birthday party that evening. He loves the pool, just not ready to jump in quite yet and that's great by me as it's still to cold to jump in after him.

He is just too cute!

Friday, June 3, 2011

i was in the SAND aLOT...

And into the rocks! Watch out ducks!

Hitting your golf ball into the the sand 4 out of 12 holes I suppose isn't too bad for a novice. I do need the practice in the bunkers. At least I think I did well hitting the ball out and lining it up with the hole. As for my putting skills...ah, not so much.

Sam and I decided to play the 12 hole, 3 par course at Angel Park after a nice breakfast overlooking Las Vegas last Thursday...and we didn't argue once I told him..."Please. Only tell me what I did wrong when I ask you." LOL

After slipping and taking a bad fall trying not to break my hip and shoulder a few weeks back, I haven't been able to swing a golf club until Thursday. So it's back to a couple more lessons with Ryan next week.

I'm almost ready for the alumni charity tournament in So Cal the end of this month. Woo hoo!! Good times!