Saturday, April 19, 2014

In Bapo's Arms

Bapo Sam is so happy to have another Grandchild.  Who would have thought??  ;o).  He still says Hanny is going to be the golfer!

His hands are like his Daddy's...mitts!

Happy big sister!  She was amazing last night helping us to bring her little brother into this world!

He's so light!  Little feather!

Aris has the "Buhler" family lips, just like his Daddy, Alec.  Gorgeous!

Aris with his big sister Adelina (Hanny)...she loves him so much already!  What a nice sister.

What an experience to have a home birth.  Mommy Christine was amazing.  Daddy Alec was so supportive of his wife helping her to deliver and even caught little Aris when he finally arrived.

 Christine's sisters and Mom (Nona) were there for even more support.  Midwives and Doula were wonderful too!  Everything went smoothly and fast.  

Ariston Alexander was born at 6:15 pm last night, weighing in at 6.14 lbs and measured 19.5 inches (just a half inch taller than Hanny).
Love, love, love and more love in our hearts.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday Dad!

My Dad turned 80 years old on March 25th so our good friend Joanne who had always helped my Mom and continues to help my Dad planned a surprise birthday dinner the following weekend with 3 of his children and their spouses and 2 of his Grandchildren coming in to surprise him.

SIL Kelie, niece Justene, daughter Jordan and my brother Ron.

And was he surprised!  He couldn't stop the tears.

We enjoyed a nice, noisy dinner at the Antelope Golf Club's "Manzanita Grill" was prime rib night in ol' Prescott, AZ.

Joanne brought in a beautiful carrot cake with a magical candle that played "Happy Birthday" was pushed too far into the cake for Dad to hear it and he couldn't figure out "what was that noise", lol.

Justene, SIL Michelle, my youngest brother David and Jordan.

Sam and I. 

Kelie and Ron.

We were sad that our sister Barbie couldn't make it in from Texas (she was in the middle of moving to Austin) but Dad sent her a blessing.
We wished all the family could have joined us.
It was a wonderful celebration.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Almost Forgot...Happy 90th Birthday Doris!

Happy Birthday Doris!  90 years young!
(My daughter in law Christine shares her birthday.  Happy 30th Birthday Christine!)