Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ah...The Artichoke Cafe

Ah, what can I say, but dee lee shee o so! We just love this restaurant.

We found it by accident over 6 years ago on our way home from our motorcycle ride to Colorado Springs, CO for the Fallen Firefighters Memorial held every year in September. Glad we made the stop in Albuquerque, NM.

First time was for my 47th birthday. Sam and I pulled up after riding all day and saw the word "cafe" thinking we could grab a quick bite to eat before we found a hotel for the night. Little did we know as we walked in that this was no ordinary cafe and our "attire" (being in leathers) was not the usual dress code. The hostess walked us to our table as we noticed that this was more of a "gourmet" restaurant. The hostess assured us our appearance was fine, "we get all kinds here on their journeys". The couple seated next to us drove in from Dallas, TX just for their dinner.

Tonight we arrived during "Happy Hour" this trip (prices are slightly reduced). Sam and I usually order a different entree and share as to each sample the menu. However, this year I don't think he saved me one bite! I also ordered my most favorite "Creme Brulee" with 3 little blackberries on top. Sam said he "didn't need" dessert, but notice his spoon in the photo.

We try to go back every couple of years. This was our 4th time and the food is always perfect. The atmosphere is cozy and everyone is so friendly. I can't wait for another trip, but maybe not so much on the Harley this time...I'm getting a bit old for the long, bumpy ride.

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