Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mae Ya Waterfall, Thailand

August 6...The kids are doing well in Chaing Mai.  A lot going on for Christine with the beginning of school.
They try to venture out when ever they can.   Especially when the skies are clear.

Today their family took a little hike to the Mae Ya waterfall.

Our two sillies being silly.

Mommy said this child needs special attention...I can't wait to visit for that is just what Nee Nee will give her.

Spirit/prayer ribbons around a tree to keep the spirits peaceful. 

Family photos.

Adelina loves her Mommy.

The Mae Ya Waterfall.

Peace, Christine...peace.  

Such a wonderful adventure.  You and Alec are our brave children.
Living your life outside the box.  
I am as proud of you as much as I miss you (which means very, very much).  

We are down to just 4.5 months before Bapo and I will be there to help.


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