Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lake Ta-Ho...So Nice

It's almost a full week since we got back from our wonderful trip to Lake Tahoe with great friends, Rob and Sandi.
Sam and I rode the motorcycle and they were nice enough to follow behind us.  We started out on a raining Thursday morning, but arrived to beautiful NV/CA weather.

We brought our street bikes and rode a few days around campgrounds and along a lake trail.  Gorgeous.

Rob and Sam.

Sam spied me.

We even found where Jack lives.

 I love hollyhocks. and had to stop to take these photos.  This gardner definitely has a green thumb!

We played cards on a breezy afternoon at the lake.

Sam and I.

Breakfast at the Bear Beach Cafe where most bears are welcome...even stuffed ones.

Sandi checking out the tram up the mountain.

Are you sure Happy Hour doesn't start at 11 am?

Classic car show in the open mall.
Great time, great weather, great food and great, great friends.
This was my first visit to Lake Tahoe.  I grew up in So. Cal. but we never traveled there.  How I wish we had visited 30 years ago and bought property!

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