Monday, July 4, 2016

She's Seriously Silly and 5!

Adelina turned 5 on the 24th of June, but since she and her family were leaving for Thailand on the 19th, she and I decided to celebrate a little early.
She is amazing!  So smart, so beautiful, so silly.
Her silliness reminded me of me when I was young.

What I get when I ask her for a smile.

Her family's good friends gave her a wonderful birthday/going away party...birthday cake and all!
She is so special to me.  She told me that I didn't need to worry about her and her big move because she has "Nee Nee in her heart" to remember me by.
I love you sweet girl.  
Stay silly until I see you again...very soon.

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Six Twigs said...

She is beautiful, just like her Nee Nee. My best wishes for patience and strength until they return. Hugs, Twig