Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can't Keep a Good Cat Down!

Well, the "incident" happened Thursday morning. I heard a metal crash and then a loud cat bellow while I was upstairs. I ran down to see what had happened to our poor little cat, Jocko. Without my glasses on I felt his paws, head and body, but nothing seemed harmed. I then put on my glasses and could see he had torn the end of his tail. I then saw a pile of fur on my antique little step ladder. I could only assume he swan dived (as he likes to do) off his "kitty condo" and got his tail caught in the ladder near it.

Looked like a trip to the vet for him. Thank goodness Jordan was there to help. He is such a loving cat, but with the trauma he had quite a different personality. The vet said he needed to have 2" amputated off his long tail. Ouch! So off to surgery he went.

It's two days later and he is doing well. Great meds! He doesn't like the cone fashion statement, but we can't have him chew on his bandage. Today he is sleeping peacefully on the chair behind me. Hope I will sleep peacefully soon too as he still likes to "cuddle" with us at night and early morning with his head gear on.

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Susie@YLP said...

Here's wishing Jocko a speedy recovery. My kitty is going in for "cosmetic surgery" on Tuesday...He is going to come home looking a little less manly.