Monday, March 14, 2011

Annual Cribbage Tournament 2011

What a great day for the Annual Cribbage Tournament sponsored by ~SYMBIUS MEDICAL and the SPINAL CORD INJURY ASSOCIATION held in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Great group of family and friends.

We always start out with a tough cup of coffee and a donut in hand.

Steve and Jordan "Precious" Jordan.

Carol and Frank. (Zout Frank, Zout!)

Ryan and Scott. Russell and Barbara.

Gary and Dwight behind him across from Nicole (one tough cookie to beat and it was her birthday!)

Jordan and Mary above and Bob below.

The service dogs were posing for me. This is Chance.

This is Scott's dog Brando. What a cute pup!

Gary playing Marilyn as Dorothy watched.

And the winner this year was Dwight. Crowned by Duey with Leah's headband.

I am there to shuffle the cards for those who need me, but counting cards...hmmm I leave that to the players. With only 362 days left...I hope by next year I will have my cribbage game ready to go. Watch out Dwight!

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