Saturday, October 16, 2010

As the Saints went marching out!

What a great game to watch last weekend as the Cardinals came through to beat the Saints 30-20. 101010 really did add up to 30! Way to go Cardinals!!

It has really been a treat to buy in on a couple of season Cardinal tickets this year and cheer on one of our favorite teams. We are proud to sit in the "red sea" of fans.

Yes, that is my husband wearing da'Bears/Butkus jersey. He is a die hard Bears fan with room in his heart for the Cardinals. People joke with him and ask if he's at the correct game and he always answers "a true fan wears his jersey to any event".

We feel Arizona is our home state as we had lived there for many years while raising our family. I am a Dockett fan as you can see. He's a huge wall with legs.

I of course, am the DD and Sam is the tailgater. I meet up with him just before the game begins and he hangs (term for drinking beer) with our son Alec and friends in the parking lot starting at 10:00 am for a 1:15 pm game.

No wonder he looks like this by 7:00 pm.

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