Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh my...chipping and putting...there ya go now.

I might need a chipper this size to accomplish a good chip. I thought the 8 Iron was difficult. Again, practice, practice, practice and more practice (this is why golf is the rich man's sport, lol).

Chipping and putting uses a swing where you don't move more than your upper body and I've been told I like to "dance".

Putting is getting there. I've heard many a time, just get "close" to the target. So that's my new strategy.

Wish me luck for tomorrow is the real deal. A foursome with three men which includes my dear husband for a round of golf. Please Lord, give them all patience!

~ Keep it still back there, lady, or else we're gonna have to, ya know, shoot ya.~
Carl Showalter

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