Monday, December 13, 2010

The "NORTH West 4-40"

Even though the Chicago Bears lost to the New England Patriots, Sam and I enjoyed an experience of a life time attending the game with our great friends, Michelle and Kelly.

It snowed as we walked from our hotel to Soldier Field along with faithful Bear fans.

I am so glad I purchased snow boots a couple days before!

After hiking up Mt Everest to our seats in the North west Section 440 (that's 2 rows down from the very top of the stadium), we bundled up upon our scraped frozen seats to overlook the entire stadium.

The field below us looked just like an ice skating rink. We cheered as the scoreboard flashed the Packers loss to the Lions.

Arriving an hour or more before the game might not have been the best idea as our toes were not responding well to the Blackberry Brandy nor the Mint Bailey's hot chocolate. My "thumping" experience with the Rootbeer Schnapp's may be another blog!

As the wind began to blow at halftime and no score on the board by the Bears we decided to head back to the hotel (bar) to thaw out our frozen body parts.

Yes, another great ending to another great day! Happy Birthday Sammy!

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