Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Man Turns 50 Years Young Today...

My sweet hubby is 50 years young today. I sure do love him.
He's worked hard for his family. So today is his day.

We started out with a wonderful, simple, little breakfast with our daughter in law at her place of business. She makes the BEST Bloody Mary's in all of Vegas!

We sat, sipping and watching one of our favorite past time's, football.

Now he's plopped on the couch watching more football. He wanted a day to relax and no big plans (he said Chicago was enough). A pot roast dinner with his children tonight will suit him just fine. To him a birthday is just another day, but I still want it to be special so it's pizelles for dessert.

Sorry about the unfocused I said...she makes the "BEST" Bloody Marys.

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