Sunday, August 2, 2015

We Drove Next to Tex-as...

My sister and brother in law bought a home in San Marcos, TX after living in Port Isabel for many years.  Sam and I decided on our road trip to Florida to stop and stay for a visit with them and see their beautiful home.

We drove out the week the Blanco River flooded carrying houses down river.  A lot of rain at first, then the mosquitos.

My silly little sister, Barbie.  She and Eddie took Sam and I to a favorite spot to have "strange" brews and "strange" wings.  I don't do beer, but I do do wings! 

We tried new alcohol recipes.  Mango juice and sweet white wine.

Their backyard is huge.  And soo green!  

This is their rescue dog Beaches.

Sam decided to mow both the front and back.  He loves mowing grass.  Sadly we don't have any in Henderson.

We took a drive to  Fredericksburg for the day.  Beautiful little German town.

Sam and Eddie being Sam and Eddie.

Our niece Natalie.  XXOO 

We played Mexican Train (Dominos) every chance we had.  Nat came to stay the weekend with us and told us we were a bunch of old people...she's pretty smart.  lol 

Homemade guacamole...with Sam's salsa!

Our nephew Nolan enjoying a cigar.  Can't believe our kids are old enough to drink and smoke cigars.  Where has all the time gone?
We had a wonderful trip.   I told Sam on our way back we need to stop and stay again.  I miss my sister.  Can't wait for her visit in September.
On to Florida!

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