Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Wilson/Wood Wedding and "Double" A

I spent 11 days in sunny So California.  The weather was perfect for my good friend Sandi and I to take a trip up to Carmel Valley, CA and help celebrate with our good friend Suzanne at her son Dan's wedding to Amanda.

Along the drive we stopped in Venice beach and had lunch a a fish restaurant.  Our view for the afternoon!

The wedding guests stayed at the Los Laureles Lodge.  Very quaint.

The morning of the wedding we had time to take a little trip to the beach only 11 miles down the road.  I hadn't been to Carmel since 2001.  One of my favorite places.

Sandi and I.

Dan and Amanda.

The wedding was held at The Holman Ranch.  Spectacular.  The views were amazing.  The sun was setting during the ceremony. 

Suzanne and daughter Naomi.

Suzanne and her son Dan. 

I then spent a week with the Bardos/Hardman clan for the up coming baby shower.  5 kids at home, 1 married and 2 on the way!  Yes, twins!!

This is their new property.  A house (with an attached In Law quarters) for everyone to help with their event planning business in Riverside, CA.  The place is very cool.  A lot of construction going on, but it's all worth it!

Grandma's and Grandpa's digs.  The big olive tree is for Dillan and Matt's treehouse.

Construction on the pool.

The main house.  (Forgot a photo of the front!)

This was a 50's style diner on the property.  It will be converted to the "Brides Room".

One more trip up the hill for Rob...yeah, right.

Sam and Brielle's hubby Matt relaxing.   Sam drove up on the Thursday before to help set up with Rob and Phil.

 Let the baby shower begin!

The snack table and Matthew Joseph! 

The tennis courts will become the area for dining.  They rolled in an In and Out Burger truck to cater!

Beautiful Mommy "A" Adrienne ready for the shower.

Guests arriving.

Sam taking advantage of a shower game.

Sandi giving a mini tour.

Parents, Adrienne and Phil opening their gifts.

The candy table.

They are the sweetest (ador-able) couple with the sweetest kids!!  
Can't wait to meet the babies.

Dillan loving the gifts.

Grandmas Sandi and Anita.

Lindsay, Matt, Devyn and Dillan are great helpers.  
                                              We always enjoy our visits with them.
                                                          Babies due in February!

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