Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Palaeolagus? Nah, Just a Bronto-Pinkearasaurus

Instead of our weekly long bike ride, we decided it had been too long since we had gone on a long motorcycle ride. So Sunday morning we dressed out for nice but cool riding weather and headed to Alamo, Nv.

We enjoyed lunch at the Windmill Ridge Restaurant where we met the chief cook and bottle washer as well as our waitress (Alamo is a very small town). She hooked us up with a dozen "right out of the oven" cookies to take along on our trip home.

We then rode on to Alec's flag football game he has every Sunday. They didn't win this week, but the score was close.

Little Adelina doesn't enjoy barefeet on the grass. Too cute. Oh and guess who has her first tooth?

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